My New Year's Resolutions: Be Kinder, Care More, Slow Down

In 2014 I want to feel more connected. Because it’s too easy to forget why we’re here.

I took this photo of the Griffith Observatory on a hike with a close friend. More like this in 2014, please.

I've spent too much time being overly critical of other people, but most of all of myself. My default in the past has been to find faults quickly, and I think this has held me back in some ways because it becomes too easy to focus on the negative. In 2014 I want my default to be kindness.

In the past I've been quick to adopt an aloof posture — mostly, I think, towards things that I felt were outside my grasp, like a job or a guy. But this year I want to be more forthcoming about admitting when something means a lot to me, and not be afraid of how I'll feel or how others will respond if it doesn't work out.

Granted, this one might be tough, given that I work for an online news organization where speed is the currency of the realm, but I think what I mean is I want to savor and appreciate things more, and not always be rushing off to the next thing. I want to stop and smell the literal and figurative roses.

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