The Browser Extension That Could Save The Internet

Text Free Browsing just might get you through the day.

The internet is a dangerous place. Take the right path and sure, it can be a pleasant experience, but even if all goes well, you're mostly just relieved to have come out unscathed. More often than not though, an errant click can serve up abject horror onto your screen or deliver enough ignorance to make your blood instantly boil. And even if you manage to navigate all of that, there's the fatigue, brought about by the relentless cascading of the Feed.

To combat this, web designers Rafaël Rozendaal and Jonas Lund built Text Free Browsing, a Chrome browser extension that acts like an internet minesweeper of sorts, turning off the words and leaving you with a safe, spartan, and far more palatable page. Just follow this link, add the extension, and click on the yellow smiley face emoji to toggle text on and off anywhere online.

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