100 Thoughts We've All Had While Shopping At Sephora

Do I need this $40 eyeshadow palette, or do I NEED it?

1. Oops, I'm all out of this one specific product I use every day! Better pop into Sephora real quick.

2. Good lord, it's bright in here.

3. And it smells...good? Weird? A lot.

4. No, ma'am, I don't need any help today.

5. Your bright green eyeshadow sure is daring, though.

6. Actually wait I have no idea where I'm going.

7. I could have sworn that the brand I want was right over there by the entrance.

8. Maybe they've rearranged the store?

9. Or maybe I'm going crazy.

10. Maybe I've never even been here in my life.

11. Maybe all of time and space is a lie.


12. Oh word, there it is.

13. Alllllll the way at the back of the store.

14. I may as well stop and look at some other stuff while I'm on my way.

15. Ooh, this lipstick is so cute!

16. Like I'm not REALLY a lipstick person but maybe this will convert me.

17. I wish there weren't this curly weird hair stuck to the tester.

18. I guess that's why Mother Nature invented rubbing alcohol.

19. Am I even applying this right?

20. Should I stick to the natural lines of my lips?

21. Ehh that looks a little thin.

22. I'll just try going a litttttttle wider.

23. Fuck.

24. Clown City, USA, population: me.

25. Thank god there's makeup remover.

26. That...kind of worked?

27. I can rock this crusty pinkish tinge.

28. Maybe everyone will just think it's lip stain.

29. No, ma'am, seriously, I actually don't need your help, the last time I was here one of your cohorts applied eyeshadow up past my forehead.

30. Onto the next row!

31. Sparkly eyeliner! Sparkly blush!

32. Sparkly hairspray?

33. Who could possibly ever need that many sparkles in their life.


Helen Alfvegren / Flickr / Creative Commons / Flickr: rockspindeln

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