9 Feature Stories We're Reading This Week

This week, stories about Detroit’s backlog of untested rape kits, what it’s like being a young adult with cancer, battling Danish brewers, the future of clean coal, a very successful silver thief, and more from around the web.

Being Raped in a Bankrupt City — BuzzFeed

Being Raped in a Bankrupt City — BuzzFeed

There's currently a backlog of over 11,000 untested rape kits in Detroit. Emily Orley introduces the prosecutor who's attempting to change that — and the hurdles she faces. Read it at BuzzFeed.

Marissa McClain for BuzzFeed

The Overprotected KidThe Atlantic

The Overprotected Kid — The Atlantic

Hanna Rosin discusses the shift toward hyper-safe playgrounds, one that hasn't actually resulted in kids being safer, and in fact has a negative effect on their development. A new playground instead allows kids to literally play with fire — and may be the solution. Read it at The Atlantic .

Peter Yang for The Atlantic

On the Trail of a Silver ThiefGarden & Gun

On the Trail of a Silver Thief — Garden & Gun

Kim Severson discusses a highly skilled burglar who investigators believe made off with $12 million of fine silver from nearly a hundred homes in six Southern states over three years: "For most victims, the lost silver was an irreplaceable link to their history and their ancestors. They had become caretakers of the family legacy, and in a flash, it was gone." Read it at Garden & Gun .

Photograph by Audra Melton for Garden & Gun

A Fight is BrewingNew York Times Magazine

A Fight is Brewing — New York Times Magazine

A fascinating look at the Danish identical twins behind cult breweries Mikkeller and Evil Twin: "The Bjergso brothers have opposite temperaments: Mikkel is reserved; Jeppe is an extrovert. And they are not on good terms, despite — or rather, because of — their shared infatuation with beer. They haven’t spoken to each other in more than a year." Read it at The New York Times Magazine .

Peter Yang for The New York Times

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