75 Truths “How I Met Your Mother” Taught You About Adulthood

“Love is the best thing we do.”

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.

2. Suit up!

3. Accept all challenges.

4. Don't underestimate the power of a good wingman (or woman).

5. You're never too old for a game of laser tag.

6. Don't get a tattoo when you're drunk or feeling emotional, or both.

7. People who are texting or sitting at the bar are most likely in relationships.

8. It's not easy to stay friends with everyone from college.

9. But cherish the friends who mean a lot to you.

CBS / Via dsmmoni.tumblr.com

10. Your drunk ideas aren't always your best ideas.

11. When you get sad, just stop being sad and be awesome instead.

12. "The longest pause you will ever experience in your life is the one that follows asking the question: will you marry me?"

13. Make sure whoever you're casually dating isn't included in group photos at special events.

14. Everyone has their own special remedy for a hangover.

15. Make sure you don't just think, think, think and you also do, do, do.

16. You'll probably be really happy if you marry your best friend.

17. And if you can't agree on a last name, just call yourself the "Awesomes."

CBS / Via teamrkburtkaharris.tumblr.com

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