This Is How Single Women Should Behave, According To A 1930s Etiquette Manual

All excerpts taken from the 1936 guide Live Alone and Like It.

You have probably noticed that the lady of your acquaintance who thinks of herself as a duchess may cause a good many laughs, but usually, in the main, is treated like a duchess—in so far, at least, as her friends know how a duchess should be treated. It is equally true that it is the lady who expects orchids who gets them, while you and I are pinning on a single gardenia.

"Jesus, didn't realize i needed to get my Webster's out for this."
"I feel like I agree with this as a life philosophy. We should all expect orchids. We're all a duchess."
"Knowing how a duchess should be treated is kindergarten shit, right before time-telling and not pooping yourself."
"If people aren't treating you like a duchess or giving you orchids, remove them from your life."

There is not much use, however, in thinking of yourself as Ina Claire and then acting like Zenobia Frome, or any other mournful character in fiction.

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