158 Thoughts We Had Watching The "MasterChef Australia" Finale

“Heston. What IS that?!”

1. Literally this is the most dramatic music I have ever heard in my life.
2. That was an intense intro, wow.
3. Let's ask the real questions here: Why do they think "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry is still a relevant opening song?
4. I wish the opening credits was a montage of them burning themselves and crying when they fuck up, rather than like, happily cracking eggs open. I have never been that happy to crack an egg open.
5. My bet is on Billie, if only because she's more ~marketable~. Also she cries less.
6. And she's got great eyeliner.
7. TBH I wouldn't want to order food from someone who stresses out so much. Sorry Georgia.

~intense prunes~

Channel 10

8. "THIS ISN'T JUST COOKING"... I mean, it sort of is though.
9. OK when they walk in it's sooooort of like that final scene from Titanic???

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